April 1930's - A Sewing Shoppe...How to Pack & Ship a Featherweight Sewing Machine
How To Pack and Ship
a Singer Featherweight 221 or 222K

(for safe transit and delivery)

And, if you’re still not convinced that proper packing is important,
here is a link showing damage that results - even from boxes that were marked ‘Fragile’ on the exterior, with hopes that cautionary word alone would suffice.

Simply Follow These Step-by-Step Photo Instructions

Materials Needed:
1 Sturdy Cardboard Box (double-walled is best)
25 feet (by about 12 inches wide) of Bubble wrap (or more if using it as stuffing)
Packing Tape
Styrofoam and/or other secure padding

1.)  Remove the spool pin coverplate screw.


2.) Return the screw to its original hole so it does not get lost.

3.)  Wrap the spool pin coverplate and place inside the case tray..

4.) Removing the little side tray of the case (or top tray in older cases) will make it easier to load wrapped machine inside case in later steps.

5.)  Using a large head screwdriver, carefully unscrew the bobbin winder and wrap separately. 

How To Pack and Ship Singer Featherweight 221 or 222K for Safe Transit & Delivery  How To Pack and Ship Singer Featherweight 221 or 222K for Safe Transit & Delivery

If you cannot remove the screw without marring the screwhead, then at the very least, push the bobbin winder all the way down (next photo).

(If you cannot remove the screw, then push the bobbin winder all the way down so the bobbin winder wheel touches the belt.)

6.) Turning the handwheel (always towards you), lower the upper thread take up lever so that it is as far down as it will go.

 How To Pack and Ship Singer Featherweight 221 or 222K for Safe Transit & Delivery  How To Pack and Ship Singer Featherweight 221 or 222K for Safe Transit & Delivery
7.) Tighten the motor to the machine. The screw is accessed from the front of the machine on the right side.

8.)  Wrap foot controller cord and foot pedal controller.


9.)  Place a piece of plastic wrap or soft fabric on the bed of the machine so that when you return the wrapped foot controller it does not mar the machine’s surface.

10.)  Return the foot controller to the center of the machine and stuff extra bubble wrap in the gaps so that the foot controller will not move around whatsoever in shipment.

11.) Put a piece of bubble wrap in between the bed of the machine and the faceplate thumb screw.  This protects the machine from the thumb screw banging, scratching or chipping the paint during transit.

12.) Begin wrapping the machine itself.  You can use the spongy wrap as seen in the photos or standard bubblewrap.

13.)  Wrap the machine in both directions all the way around.

14.)  Tape it well and securely.


15.) With the bed of the machine on the left and the handwheel on the right, place the machine back inside the case making sure it is all the way down.  There is a lip inside the bottom of the case that can cause the machine to slip.

16.)  Stuff more bubble wrap in all the nooks and crannies so that there is zero movement of any kind.

17.) Replace the side tray in its original position.  If you have an older style case with the larger top tray, then wrap it separately from the case as shown in the photo below.

How To Pack and Ship Singer Featherweight 221 or 222K for Safe Transit & Delivery

18.)  Place enough bubble wrap on top of the machine inside the case so that the lid will close, but still tight enough that if you turned the machine upside down it wouldn’t budge out of position.  There must be ZERO movement in the case.

19.) Begin wrapping the case itself.  Again, you can use the spongy wrap as shown here or standard bubble wrap.




20.)  Line the bottom of a sturdy box with rigid styrofoam.  You can use packing peanuts, however, there is a risk because peanuts tend to settle in shipment causing things to shift.  If using them, make sure you pack them in firmly!

How To Pack and Ship Singer Featherweight 221 or 222K for Safe Transit & Delivery

21.) Set the machine down inside the box on top of the styrofoam layer.  Begin adding more rigid styrofoam or other protective cushioning so that there is ZERO movement in any direction should the box get shaken, dropped or tossed (because it will!).


22.) Wrap any and all loose items and place around the machine case in the box.  There is to be no movement in case or box - even if tipped upside down.

23.)  Stuff bubblewrap, wadded newspaper, etc, in all the nooks and crannies tightly so that the machine will NOT move in transit.


Pack it firmly!  Peanuts can settle in shipment, so be sure there is ZERO MOVEMENT heard or felt when box is completely packed and sealed.  If you hear movement, open it up and add more padding.  There must be ZERO movement and plenty of distance between machine and outer box with lots of padding in between.

Fragile box signs are nice, but do NOT rely upon them.  Couriers do not pay any attention to them at all.

If you have any questions e-mail us directly at info@april1930s.com.

The photos below were taken as machines were unpacked - illustrating the damage that results when the packing instructions above were not followed.  You may be an excellent and careful packer of goods on eBay, but unless you specialize in these specific machines, then these photos serve as proof to you of what happens when other “excellent and careful packers” did not follow directions.

You can see here that there is no external damage to the exterior of the box. Even the word ‘Fragile’ is written on the top with “Up” arrows all the way around but they served no purpose.  And, the worst of it is that insurance will not cover for damages because there are not obvious signs of external damage to the box (i.e. tire tracks, forklift punctures, etc.) that would have been evidence of it being the fault of the courier.

Not enough padding around the case -- and can you see where the spool pin cracked a hole in the top of the case?

I’m sure this was packed by an “excellent and experienced” packer, but because the spool pin was not removed, damage resulted.  You can also see the damage around the latch.

Bent spool pin.

Totally broken and useless spool pin.

Sad - this spool pin and case damage was on a 222K Featherweight.


Spool pin coming out of the top of the case.


This spool pin just snapped off from being lodged into the top of the case.

Loose items just thrown in the case and not individually wrapped resulted in a broken foot controller (below).

Cracked and broken and irreparable foot controller.

More case damage from the spool pin.

More case damage from the spool pin.

Besides the case damage, the latch was so bent that it would not latch or lock again.


Broken Bobbin Winder

Another spool pin lodged into the case lid.

More case damage.

You can see that the person wrapped the machine in plastic wrap but because there was movement inside the case, the machine moved around and the bakelite plug cracked and broke on the lower lip of the bottom of the case.

Another box that looks perfect on the outside.

Only to reveal that the spool pin was not removed and during transit lodged itself into the case lid.

Another unsuspecting box - even a ‘fragile’ sticker.

Looks all well from here.

But, you can see here where the case lid got cracked because of the spool pin and not enough padding around the case itself.


Close-up of the spool pin bouncing around making divots.

Bottom of case cracked and broken - not enough padding around the case itself.

The case took so much beating that it cracked on the upper portion as well.

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