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Lights, Light Bulbs, Power Cord & Electrical Parts
for the SINGER Featherweight 221, 222 & 301A

    Light Bulbs - 110 volt for North American Current
    Lightbulbs - 220 volt for UK, European & Australian Current

    Specialty Light

    New Electrical Cord & Rubber-Molded Plug for Foot Controller

    Complete & New Foot Controller
    with Rubber-Molded Plug and Electrical Wiring

    Foot Controller Rewiring Service

    SINGER FEATHERWEIGHT Replacement Light Bulb

    110 Volt Replacement LIGHT BULB for Singer Featherweight 221 and 222K Appropriate for other Singer Models as well - including the 301A.

    Light bulb is the 'push-in' style.

    SINGER FEATHERWEIGHT Replacement Light Bulb
    220 Volt Featherweight Light Bulb
    United Kingdom, European, and Australian customers with 220 volt electrical current will need to order this 220 volt light bulb.

    New Rubber-Molded Plug and Electrical Cord for Featherweight 221, 222 & 301 Foot Controller
    New Rubber-Molded Plug and Electrical Cord for Featherweight 221, 222 & 301 Foot Controller
    (110 volt for North America)

    The rubber molded plugs are not quite as easy to plug in and out of the machine as the original Bakelite plug, so the preferred method is to retain originality by keeping the Bakelite plug.  However, this new foot controller wiring and new rubber-molded plug are offered for your convenience.

    Free USA Shipping

    New & Complete Foot Pedal
    New & Complete Foot Pedal Controller with Rubber-Molded Plug and Electrical Cord suited for
    Featherweight 221, 222 & 301 Sewing Machines

    (110 volt for North America)
    This style is a step-up from most in that it is “Electronic” and will not heat up, even with long hours of continuous sewing.  The other style often seen (which we no longer carry) contains fragile carbon disks and can break during shipping or if dropped, renders the foot controller useless.  Another benefit to this ‘new’ foot controller is that it has a wider foot base for easier speed control.  The length of the cord from the plug that goes into the machine to the actual foot controller unit is 55 inches.

    $39.95 Free USA Shipping

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Foot Controller - REWIRING SERVICE

    The preferred method for foot controller rewiring, and in order to maintain originality and ease of use, is to rewire the original 3-hole Bakelite plug (the part that plugs into the machine) with new wiring that can be found at most hardware stores. 

    Foot Controller - REWIRING SERVICE

    This process is time-consuming and quite tedious but keeps the machine complete with original parts.  If you do not wish to attempt this process yourself, you can mail us your foot controller with a complete (not broken) Bakelite plug and we will rewire it and then return your foot controller to you. We test all foot controllers for electrical safety prior to mailing. Also, we will extend the length of the cord from the foot controller to the machine by an extra foot to accommodate various table heights

    This service costs $29.95 and includes free USA return shipping.

    OR You can UPGRADE:  $34.95 and we will replace the foot controller cushions (a $9.95 value if purchased separately).

    Foot Controller - REWIRING SERVICE

    Foot Controller - REWIRING SERVICE

    Foot Controller - REWIRING SERVICE
    This service is available only to North America, where the electric current is 110v.

    $29.95 Service Includes:
    Rewiring & New Electrical Cord

    Service Does Not Include:  Foot Controller, Foot Controller Cushions*, Bakelite Plug or Replacement of any internal components.

    *Foot Controller Cushions are included if you opt for the $34.95 UPGRADE.

    This is for the rewiring service only.  You will need to provide a working* foot controller and Bakelite piece that plugs into the machine and we will supply the wiring & new electrical cord and new foot controller cushions. *If you are not able to test the foot controller to determine if it is working or not then please call Carmon, the Featherweight Technician, at (208) 880-8887 prior to mailing and for further service inquiries. He will be happy to assist you.

    Please mail Foot Controller and complete Bakelite Plug to:
    April 1930’s
    P.O. Box 994
    Kamiah, Idaho 83536

    Please include a check or money order for $29.95 or $34.95 (if you want the UPGRADE and have Foot Controller Cushions included) with your service order as well as a return address and telephone number to contact you should we have any additional questions.

    If there are any additional items you would like to order, simply include an itemized request along with a check or money order for the total amount of all items ordered and we will add it to your return parcel.
    More questions regarding rewiring or this service?
    Feel free to contact us directly.


Specially-Made L.E.D. Light

Free USA Shipping

Magnetic ~ Easily mounts to the faceplate on your Featherweight 221 or 222K. Silicon pads prevent slipping and you will not have to mess with adhesive on your lovely machine.  Color selection varies (only two samples are shown) and will be randomly selected at time of order based on stock availability.

Adjustable arm allows you to zero in on what you want to see brightly.

This shows the LED light off, with only the standard Featherweight light illuminating.

You can see here how bright it is to focus directly on your stitching work.

When you are finished, simply remove the magnetic light from the faceplate and store it in your Featherweight carrying case until next time.

Specially-Made L.E.D. Light

Free USA Shipping

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