Crinkle Singer Featherweight 221
Crinkle Singer Featherweight 221

Singer Featherweight Crinkle 221 Sewing Machine

We are very excited to add this very rare Featherweight 221 to the site. Completely serviced, cleaned, electrically inspected, timed, tuned and sampled - rest assured, this Featherweight 221 will be ready to sew right out of the case. Powerful original 110v motor with a quiet, smooth stitch.

AF 388*** indicates an original production commission date of December 5, 1939.


Included with Machine . . .

Original Featherweight Case (lovely condition with Top Tray)

Box of Basic Attachments
(Ruffler, Narrow Hemmer, Adjustable Hemmer, Shirrer, Binder, and Edge Stitcher)


 Replica Instruction Manual

Reproduction Advertising Leaflet featuring the Featherweight 221

Guarantee Certificate

Bed Protecting Cushion

Oil Bottle

Motor Lubricant

Spool Pin Spring & Red Felt

Five (5) Extra Bobbins

Stitch Sample from your machine assuring you of a quality stitch
. . . all lovingly wrapped for your enjoyment or to give as a gift.

Machine is given a Grade 8


Quite a peculiar machine, isn't it!? It certainly has some distinctive characteristics!

Serial number AF 387780 indicates commission in 1939 during the first run of the Crinkle-Finish Featherweights which means this machine has the very rare matching Crinkle Finish Face Plate.

The rough or crinkley finish is the most recognizable and distinctive feature of this kind of Featherweight 221. Known as the Matte Finish, Crinkle finish or Wrinkle Finish, the texture of this machine is vastly different than that of the widely familiar shiny, japan-black Featherweight. All Crinkle machines had the crinkle surface on the machine, motor and in this rare case, the face plate.  (There were three different face plates issued to Crinkle Featherweights ~ the Blackside, the Striated and the Crinkle.)

Now, before we venture any further - there were many, many, many Crinkle Singer machines made over the years in all sorts of various models. Just because an old Singer Sewing Machine happens to have a crinkley finish, does not mean it is scarce or rare. The reason this particular machine is so valuable is because there were very, very few Crinkle Featherweights made. Information has been gathered from various resources and even published with interesting conjecture.  There is also a helpful website which has a section devoted exclusively to this style of Featherweight machine.

Some have suggested that these machines were military issue, while others think it was just another avenue for Singer marketing. Granted, the machine does have a military feel and look to it (with the drabness of color, design and a lack of any fancy detailing), but if it were a Singer marketing ploy, it didn't last long because very, very few were made.  All that to say, we will let you discern the genealogical origins for what makes this style of Featherweight rare and highly collectible today.

You will also notice the difference in the "decals" on the bed of the machine... there are none! The bed was rather designed with three parallel grooves. The only gold decals on the machine are indicative to the Singer brand name - the light cover and the back of the machine.

To eliminate exposed bare metal, there are a few tiny places where this machine has been lightly touched up - two tiny places at the front edge of the bed, and one spot at the spool pin plate edge. See photos for details.

Completely serviced, cleaned and running perfectly smooth, this Crinkle 221 Featherweight sews a beautiful forward and reverse stitch.  Motor is exceptionally strong!

Scroll down for many more photos . . .


Are you a Quilter? Additional Quilting Attachments can be purchased here.
If you need any Fashion Aids for apparel or ornamental sewing (i.e. Buttonholer, Blind Stitcher, etc...), I will prepare samples for those as well should you decide to purchase them separately.



As you can see the machine has had very little use.















Back name decals have a few more wear marks as seen in the photo.




Case includes the top tray for holding the box of attachments, manual, etc...


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